May 25, 2017

Privacy and Submission Policy

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Privacy & Content Submission Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: Unless required by law, we will not share or sell your name, email address or home address to anyone outside our organization, except when something you send is published on our website. When we publish your work, we will print your name and school (if available) and your state or province of residence with your article.

Our web server automatically recognizes some information about your computer. It saves your IP number and domain name (for example,, your browser name (for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla), and the time you visited our website. We do not store this data with any personally identifiable information.

When you submit any information using a form on this site, we record your IP number and the browser information along with the data that you entered. We save this information only to help prevent any abuse of our systems.

If you submit any content to MK Journal, you grant us non-exclusive permission to reproduce the material electronically and in print without requiring additional permission. All submitted materials become the property of MK Journal.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at:

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